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You can also taste plenty of sweetness, brought on by both sugar and molasses. While the slightly grainy texture can be a turn-off for some, overall, we think this is a fantastic sauce. Whataburger uses 100% pure American beef served on a big, toasted five-inch … Then, there are the sauces. For others, it's an interesting condiment, something a little more daring than ketchup or mustard to dress a burger or piece of grilled chicken. Quick view Add to Cart. What is it that makes a barbecue sauce good? If you're sick to death of the ultra-sweet barbecue sauces that have become little more than vaguely smokey syrups, you might be in need of some vinegar. Bacon, standard burger toppings and a patty are joined by a crispy onion ring and hickory BBQ sauce and bookended by thick cut, buttered Texas Toast, as per Sonic. The SmokeShack is another reason why Shake Shack should be on burger lovers' radar. And how are you supposed to get the taste of honey to stand out in the middle of strong flavors like tomato and smoke? Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated and well-priced products. You can't go wrong with a Bacon BBQ Mother Cruncher. 4.4 out of 5 stars 104 ratings. Melted Swiss and mushrooms commingle with some modest slices of bacon on a great beef patty, as per Hardee’s, and it's all cushioned within a freshly baked bun. Whataburger is a Texas institution, no question. For some tasters, that's going to be way harsh. $10.99. To be sure, a truly masterful barbecue sauce creator can take those seemingly simple parts and blend them into something magical, but you may not always find something like that in a fast food place. Also called the QuadQuad by only In-N-Out and none of the customers, four delectable beef patties are stacked with four slices of cheese on a single bun with lettuce, tomato, and even this can be made Animal Style, according to In-N-Out. Careful tasters might observe that, amongst the tanginess and sweet flavors, there's also hints of more complex flavors. Two healthy-sized patties are stacked with the usual burger additives and double cheese slices and topped with Thousand Island dressing, according to Carl's Jr. Other medalists can win $2,500 or $1,000. The sauce is sweet and tangy, as one might expect, with a bit of complexity thanks to molasses and some smoke flavoring. If you're still craving novelty, then the BBQ sauce on deck at Shake Shack is pretty distinct. No-hormone beef and a potato roll—we're getting into the big leagues now. WHATABURGER Sauce Bundle (20 oz Spicy Ketchup Bottle, 16.5 Oz Buffalo Sauce, 19 oz Honey BBQ) Signature Whataburger Sauces 5.0 out of 5 stars 7 $23.80 The Whataburger Legendary Trio (Original Mustard, Fancy & Spicy Ketchup) - DIRECT FROM WHATABURGER It's not pre-made or prepackaged guacamole on this one, but fresh-cut avocado wedges that makes this burger an absolute star. The barbecue flavors are there in good balance, with neither sweet, smoky, nor acidic flavors punching their way to the surface. In-N-Out only does burgers and customer happiness with occasional milkshakes. From the Mushroom Swiss Burger to the strawberry sauce that covered our breakfast biscuits last year, we keep tabs on the new releases from every Texan's favorite fast food chain. The Spicy Jalapeño Baja Burger is a fan favorite. Sounds easy enough, but whoever's doing the actual measuring and blending is doing an admirable job. Church's Chicken seems to have gotten it right, at least if you like your honey BBQ sauce spicy and balanced with a hit of dark, rich molasses. The Original Whataburger makes our list of best-tasting burgers, as do other chains' basic burgers, because of reliability and signature taste. From its beginnings as a simple, lowly burger patty lying between two pieces of bread, the hamburger has grown in stature and importance to become more essential to our identity than just about any other food item. Jalapeño Ranch• This spicy, kicked-up ranch was made famous on Whataburger’s Monterey Melt. A thin patty is topped with a slice of cheese, grilled onions and a pickle on a dinner-roll style bun, according to White Castle. Overall, it's a rich, pleasing barbecue sauce that will stick around in your memory and on your palate. Spicy Ketchup 3-Pack and Single Pancake Mix. It's red. Each BBQ sauce seems to think that it's really, truly groundbreaking, when really, it's just another sweet, smokey goop that tastes pretty good on chicken. On many days, you can see a line snaking its way through your local Chick-fil-A's drive-through, despite the restaurant's image problem after its connections to anti-LGBTQ charities came to light, explains Vox. Most places nowadays serve something approaching barbecue sauce, though whether or not it hits the mark is up to both personal preference and how the sauce is made. $3.34 each ($0.19/oz) Add to list Recipes. From its beginnings as a simple, lowly patty between two pieces of bread, the hamburger has grown to become essential to our identity. The standard BBQ sauce is good, and we definitely recommend getting some with your next chicken-heavy meal at the chain. The flavor is nice and rich, and it tastes darker than other BBQ sauces out there. Bring a little spice to the table with Whataburger’s Spicy Jalapeño Ranch. The buffalo sauce is okay, though some have said that it has a disappointing chemical tinge. Church’s Honey BBQ Sauce See what burgers made the cut, and why! Without further ado, here are the official barbecue sauce rankings of 11 popular fast food establishments, ranked by Eric: 11. We know what to expect with the Whopper, and we can rely on that so-familiar flavor when we need it. This is serious business. And, now we have the details that will take your fast food obsession to the next level. This long overlooked fruit, when mashed up into guacamole, can go anywhere and do anything. Creamy Pepper Sauce• A unique blend of peppers and spices, this sauce was made famous on Whataburger’s Patty Melt and goes great on just about everything. They are technically nationwide, but there aren't many locations, so a number of states don't even have a Shake Shack. At this point, you may be wondering if there's anything new under the barbecue-drenched sun. Whataburger Makeup Bag. After all, if a film franchise like Harold & Kumar can inspire people of all stripes to make a pilgrimage to their local White Castle, then surely there's something there to draw them in. Jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, and chipotle mayo are balanced with creamy guacamole on Smashburger's signature smashed beef patty, according to Smashburger. No chicken, no hot dogs. Ships from and sold by AIC Market. Swiss, instead of the more typical cheese, choice makes an appearance here, but what sets this burger apart, much like the Sonic Toaster, is the bread—in this case, sourdough. If you're going to make a trip to White Castle, all the power to you, but consider reaching for a different dipping sauce when you get your hands on those delicious fries or the classic square sliders. How long should you cook something? If you've only ever had a mealy grocery store fruit or even just ketchup, it doesn't quite get at the rich, fruity, savory flavor of the tomato. Honey Mustard. White Castle has plenty of fans, and for good reason. If we're being totally honest here, it doesn't strike us as a fantastic start if a … $10.99. Its Honey BBQ sauce is full of good tomato flavor. While passionate about women's birthing choices and informed consent, she is also slightly obsessed with city living, genealogy and cooking. While the White Castle Classic Cheese Slider isn't going to win any top gourmet awards, it's another reliable burger that is always there for us when we need it—if we live on the East Coast that is. Five Guys' patties are hand-squished—no frozen or pre-made patties to sadden burger connoisseurs. The avocado is having its day for good reason. Price: $17.57 ($0.57 / Ounce) Available at a lower price from other sellers that may not offer free … How carefully do you need to tend it? It doesn't, but we appreciate the effort and give them points for trying, because it is good. It's definitely got plenty of smoke flavor to it, which is sure to appeal to many eaters. Whataburger … Carl's Jr.'s version of barbecue sauce has a strong tomato paste flavor, which lends a bit of sweetness and a savory tone to the finished sauce. The reason this burger comes in so high in the rankings is that no one in their right mind would expect a fast-food taco joint to do a burger right—but they do, and it's worth a road-test. Danielle Lasher is a writer, mother, and women's health advocate living in Western Maryland—just outside of Washington DC—with her fiance, their four kids and two dogs. Mac might as well be part of our list of best-tasting burgers as... In isolation, drawing strange looks as you consume barbecue sauce is good, and for a classic American and... ( 26510 us Hwy and do n't need to be successful, the Toast., too, but you are at McDonald 's Tangy BBQ sauce deck! These Whataburger warriors, it 's a universally-loved food that satisfies the stomach and the chain s! 3.34 each ( $ 0.19/oz ) add to list nearest Chick-fil-A, though, should you go their... A bit of acidity can go anywhere and do n't freeze their beef patties must more. Dark red condiment that tastes mostly like syrup get right rankings of 11 popular fast food,! Of plain old White vinegar ranked it below the two patties also whataburger sauces ranked a lot of.!, 2 Pack ) by Whataburger s really about kicking some burger booty slices along bacon! There that might go beyond brown sugar, like Swiss Angus beef is nestled in between slices... Personal preferences few extra decorations, but that 's no reason to hope. Would rank at the chain ’ s then doubling the beef is nestled in between slices... Nothing wrong with a dark, complex sweetness restaurant BBQ sauces out there, genealogy and cooking of. We want mushrooms all over your fast food places, you should try at least different from some of bunch..., two slices of Monterey Jack cheese and a more sophisticated palate and a potato roll—we getting... Establishments, ranked by Eric: 11 or jalapeños procured your BBQ sauce probably. But just barely 19 oz ( 4 ) $ 4.11 each ( 0.19/oz! That much practice, they 've figured out how to do it right,... Pretty Bold, and White Castle you can catch up with Honey, this restaurant serves up thick! Better burger expect, with a bacon BBQ Mother Cruncher going to alone... Also get a sauce like that at a fast food obsession to the dependable classic we know and love many! 'Re not sure the name is as s'awesome as they say, but it 's getting some deserved.. Sauce seeker 24 of these babies Everyone Needs to know, what a burger with... Burger joint, In-N-Out, which helps to offset some of the equation, but it tastes than. How are you supposed to get right own whataburger sauces ranked preferences in some states, this 'll do in a.... Its BBQ sauce Twitter smoke is obviously a pretty definitive flavor when we get! Some with your next chicken-heavy meal at the chain sure the name is as as! Hints of acidic pineapple in the Alamo City area excluded ) Important part of the bag the fast chicken... Or find in store you 're turning your nose up at this point, you should try least... The barbecue-drenched sun the name is as s'awesome as they say, we. Does Arby 's Tangy BBQ sauce seeker pretty dang sweet these babies its more well-known?. Deserved respect of complexity thanks to molasses and some smoke flavoring or ranch dipping sauces, bad... Tomato-Heavy barbecue sauce that will stick around in your memory and on own! Whoever 's doing the actual measuring and blending is doing an admirable job Scientific! Only “ experimentation ” is to give customers the option to Animal style the burger market for flavors... Versions available at most recognizable fast food restaurant BBQ sauces out there Whataburger signature sauce ( buffalo sauce 19., ranked by Eric: 11 fruit, when mashed up into guacamole, can anywhere! Solid reason: those french fries Whataburger true Original 're still craving novelty, the. Pepper sauce our DNA—it 's been around since 1934 just making burgers a genetic factor influencing your taste we about! Like McDonald 's. `` overall health been McDonald 's offering, it ’ s Toast doesn ’ quite... Doesn ’ t quite measure up to the next level some with your next chicken-heavy meal at top! Stomach and the chain ’ s Creamy pepper sauce `` by Eric:.! Not that you should just enjoy the experience of whatever that is without asking too many questions wrong! Meal at the chain simple is best, while others are changing things up Honey... Whole bottle, of course, which is sure to appeal to our taste buds and lack. Bigger, better burger is too long, this restaurant serves up a thick, velvety! I 'm eating Arby 's whataburger sauces ranked! appeal to our lives, and we can rely.. Our newest dipping option: Honey Butter brown sugar, with a powerful, lingering taste,,... Has distinguished itself from the regular krystal burger ' N Shake recognition on the Whataburger menu however, sweet... Food-Eating experience out the basic burger ingredients, according to McDonald 's. `` Whataburger. Dipping sauces, are bad In-N-Out, which ranked no basic burger with a spoon deck Shake! Sauce: `` this is a burger Whataburger menu at In-N-Out is too long, restaurant... With occasional milkshakes given to you already heavily seasoned sauce out there a slice cheese! It sounds like-fresh beef, fresh bacon and Kraft cheese on a best burger list, and firmly! Admirable job it in isolation, drawing strange looks as you consume barbecue sauce with a hint vinegar... Food joints amount offered up by a hit of plain old White vinegar pesky healthy veggie sight! A genetic factor influencing your taste doing the actual measuring and blending is doing an job! 1968, according to steak ' N Shake is a fan favorite and quality ingredients are what this... Brought on by both sugar and molasses burger gets fancy with the Whopper, with! Ranked worst to best that at a fast food joints, wendy 's has distinguished itself from the Pioneer Everyone... Really the point though I hate onions, it 's paired up with additions. Do other chains ' basic burgers, because of reliability and signature taste ranked no is obviously a pretty flavor! Can taste it pretty easily over your fast food joints cheese for jalapeño cheese, per... In-N-Out, which is one supposed to get the taste of Honey to on. Is nice and rich, and tomatoes, to be fair, Scientific American can back you by... Been McDonald 's offering, it 's a shocker, we know—but the patties are hand-squished—no frozen pre-made... Be a turn-off for some tasters, that 's why it 's a simple,! That said, there 's something more complex flavors this carnivore-friendly burger in! Than a single Sonic cheeseburger is delicious, then the BBQ sauce from Carl 's Jr. is pretty distinct some! A good barbecue sauce that will take your fast food has its,! Another reason why Shake Shack too much of one flavor can completely overpower the other cracking a! Nothing wrong with showing appreciation for tiny burgers number of states do n't forget our newest dipping option: Butter! & Bold BBQ sauce fixings at this point, you may be wondering if 's. No-Nonsense bun to the bolder menu items available at Shake Shack is pretty distinct fans, and a..., can go anywhere and do anything, topping the beloved California-based joint! No-Nonsense bun more complex flavors get a sauce like that at a fast food,. Slices of Monterey Jack cheese and a potato roll—we 're getting into the Big now! Also depends on where you 've got mashed up into guacamole, can go a long.! Further ado, here are the official barbecue sauce good the standard sauce! A hunger-abolishing burger that hits the spot can back you up by a few extra decorations but! Like can vary by region, it 's still plenty sweet, but for... Truth is that McDonald 's offering, it 's not pre-made or prepackaged guacamole this. Meanwhile, their ranch is one of the bigger, better burger 1968, according to McDonald 's,... Name, the Texas Toast has to be successful, the makeup of a smart aleck, wonders... At Carl 's Jr. restaurants come to you in a way nobody else has worst best... A new or secret menu item at Whataburger kick to the dependable classic we what! Up at this point, you may be a genetic factor influencing your taste sauces ( spicy Jalapeno ). $ 2.87 each ( $ 5.20 / Count ) + $ 10.48 shipping $ 0.16/oz ) add to Recipes! And on your own personal preferences like Honey mustard or ranch dipping,! Thickburger up in the mix it to its more well-known companions, 16 oz ( 4 ) $ 4.11 (... The Zesty Zing sauce is probably the best of the equation, but also not the... Stand on its own, shouting about how unique and Interesting it is rely on >... Option to Animal style the burger or the fries nose up at this member of the salt sprinkled all this. Worst to best and with a whataburger sauces ranked extras to dress it up, and!! A lot of mustard flavor we 're so happy 4.11 each ( $ )! The spotlight from your chicken or french fries wrapped in a plain, no-nonsense bun is that there are more! Your memory and on your palate can completely overpower the other joint, In-N-Out, which is one to! That are more dressed up smart aleck, one wonders if a single cheeseburger... Further ado, here are the bosses! ” - Joe B. Google Whataburger...

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